A deal has been struck between the Carney Family, owners of the Brockton Fairgrounds, and the Massachusetts Thoroughbred Horseman’s Association that will see 30 days of live racing take place at the facility.

“We have a deal,” said Chris Carney. “We don’t have any dates set yet. We have to go back to the Massachusetts Gaming Commission to see how much money is approved, but we’re looking at purses of about $150,000 per day, depending upon how much we’ll have allocated from the Race Horse Development Fund.

“We’re planning on running two to three days per week, and with local horsemen. I don’t want to run any five-horse fields. I want eight-horse fields. So if I have to run two days per week until the middle of October, I will.”

Massachusetts Thoroughbred Horseman’s Association President Bill Lagorio had the following to say: “It took some details to work out, but this will be beneficial to our group and the Carneys. The response from the New England horsemen and jockeys has been overwhelmingly positive. I’ve gotten so many calls from people who are excited to come home that my phone died. I think we’ll have a very solid horse population.”

Live horse racing isn’t new for the Carney family Before it was outlawed years ago in Massachusetts, they held events at Raynham Park. They currently hold two agricultural licenses for Brockton, which allowed them to run 15 days of horse racing each calendar year under law.

The next priority for the Carneys is ideal they are working on with Rush Street Gaming to develop a resort casino on their Raynham property.

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