peter moody australian trainer

Peter Moody may be calling it quits after a storied career in the sport of horse racing. The Australian trainer was hit with a six-month ban for an unintentional, though culpable, administration of cobalt to one of his horses during the 2014 season. Cobalt can aid in the production of oxygen in the blood, essentially making it a performance enhancer that allows for a type of doping.

The twelve month ban also carries a six month suspension, which ultimately led to Moody making a very tough decision. “After a lot of deliberation with my family and senior management staff, we didn’t feel it was going to be a viable or workable proposition to employ another trainer to care take the stable for the six-month period of my suspension,” Moody stated. “I have made the ultimate decision that at this point in time I will not be returning to the training of racehorses in the foreseeable future.”

Moody walks away from an established career. He is a renowned Australian trainer who has more than 300 horses under his care and supervision. He is most famous for guiding Black Caviar, the top ranked thoroughbred in the world in 2013. Black Caviar remained undefeated for 25 races, winning the Australia Stakes, the Schweppes Stakes and the William Reid Stakes amongst plenty more.

John Bowman is the chairman of the Racing Appeals and Disciplinary Board and closed his arguments concerning the now tainted Australian trainer with this statement: “It is readily apparent from the evidence before us that there was significant carelessness, for which Mr. Moody was responsible, in relation to the operation of his stables. This is particularly so in relation to the administration of cobalt, as well as general feeding, supplementation, and injection procedures.

Whether Moody returns to the sport after the completion of his ban remains to be seen. More than anything he seems embarrassed and frustrated by the outcome of the hearing. A year to cool off may change his mind and bring the famous Australian trainer back in to the fold of competition where he belongs.

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