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Indiana Derby Favorite Irap May Not be so Handsome

The $500,000 order celebrex online is set for Saturday, and it’s time to order celebrex over the counter. The Derby is race 9 and the last of six stakes on a strong order celebrex from canada that includes the $200,000 Indiana Oaks (G3) in race 8. While the American Graded Stakes Committee dropped both the Derby and Oaks to Grade 3’s this year, they still drew solid fields of 11 and 8 horses respectively.

Trainer Doug O’Neill saddles the favorite in both races for 3-year-olds with Mopotism (7-5) breaking from the outside post in the Oaks and Irap (8-5) drawing the No. 2 post in the Derby. O’Neill also trains the favorite in the Warrior Veterans Stakes, Gangster (5-2). O’Neill’s go to jockey Mario Gutierrez will ride all three favorites.

Have Fun betting Indiana Derby and All Stakes Pick Four

No Derby runners have more than two wins in their careers, but Irap is the lone millionaire having broke through for his maiden win in the Blue Grass Stakes to qualify for the Kentucky Derby, where he finished up the track in 18th place. But a victory in the Ohio Derby in late June when he finished well clear of Steve Asmussen-trained Untrapped (6-1) should have the Tiznow colt drawing plenty action as the favorite. Irap is the proven horse and best horse in the field, but will offer little value whenorder celebrex.

Awesome Saturday (8-1) is an up and comer for trainer Bret Calhoun who tries stakes company for the first time. He’s raced five times, all this year, and finished in the money each time with a pair of wins. His last race in June was an impressive 3-length win at this distance over Watch Me Whip (10-1), who drew the outside post for trainer Dale Romans. Brian Hernandez, Jr. has ridden Awesome Saturday in all his starts, and figures to be cashing in again Saturday night with a breakthrough win pushing the pace not too far-fetched.

Untrapped was 3rd behind Irap in the Ohio Derby, and while the cutback in distance may help him, the others mentioned including Hollywood Handsome (8-1) seem to be better shots. Hollywood Handsome fired a 5 furlong bullet work of 23 at the distance on July 3 and then breezed easy again for trainer Dallas Stewart on July 9 at Churchill. He should rebound well off his DNF performance in the Belmont when Florent Geroux was removed from the irons and did not finish. He was 4th in the Louisiana Derby in April, but the impressive performance was his allowance win when he won at this distance on the front end with a fast pace. Must include if you’re looking for a long shot winner and a score in your horizontal wagers.

The Derby is the cashing leg in an all-stakes pick four, and post time Saturday night is 9:49 ET.

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Looking for a Long Shot as Fantasy Stakes Could Provide Surprise in Final Oaks Prep

The road to the Kentucky Oaksbuy celebrex online australiareaches its final stop Friday at buy celebrex celecoxib 200 mg. The 1 1/16 mile Fantasy Stakes (G3) is a $400,000 race and the last chance for 3-year-old fillies to pick up points to the May 5 classic Kentucky Oaks.  

The 45th running of the Fantasy Stakes at Oaklawn awards 100-40-20-10 buy celebrex australia points to the top four places. The Fantasy Stakes has been a rich source of Kentucky Oaks winners with eight to date: Davona Dale (1979), Bold ‘n Deterimined (1980), Heavenly Cause (1981), Tiffany Lass (1986), Lite Light (1991), Blushing K. D. (1997), Rachel Alexandra (2009), and Blind Luck (2010).  Rachel Alexandra would then go on to win the Preakness Stakes — the only Fantasy Stakes winner to then win a Triple Crown race.

A total of 12 horses passed the entry box, and there appears to be the lack of a real standout in this year’s Fantasy Stakes. A number of front runners or fillies that do their best running quite close to the lead could set up a faster pace. The top buy celebrex usa are Benner Island (5/2), Vexatious (7/2) and Spooky Woods (4/1). Next in line are Kell Paso (6/1), Chanel’s Legacy (8/1) and Torrent (10/1).

But a long shot has our interest as Ever So Clever (20-1) has had a trio of solid works following her 5th place finish in the Honeybee (G3) behind winner It Tiz Well. Trainer Steve Asmussen has been high on this filly by Madaglia d’Oro, and Ever So Clever hit the board in a pair of Grade II races over this distance at Churchill Downs last year at competitive prices. She has showed the ability to close well, even after a tough trip in the Golden Rod (G2) last November at Churchill. If you’re looking for an overlay and a potential big score, Ever So Clever should be in your wagering portfolio and exotic options in the Fantasy, as the pace and her ability to fire suggests a solid effort and potential upset as she settles well off the pace breaking from the far outside.

Benner Island may be the one to beat, as her 2nd place closing finish in the Honeybee has drawn interest. But she has been inconsistent, and recall Benner Island was 22-1 in that race, and clearly there is no value and frankly no interest in this caliber horse at such favoritism. The race setup may seem right, but new jockey Ricardo Santana only adds to the wagering interest with his recent hot riding at Hot Springs.

Vexatious is on our list to include and drops a bit in class after running after heavy favorite Farrell last out at in the buy celebrex Fair Grounds Oaks (G2) before being nosed out for place honors. This Giant’s Causway filly has solid speed with the ability to stalk and pounce. Her pedigree suggests she wants even more distance, so the 1 1/8 mile Kentucky Oaks will be favorable if she can finish top 3 in the Fantasy and add to her current 20 pointbuy celebrex in mexico total.

Continuing an interest in looking for a longshot, Sunland invader Kell Paso has 2 wins and 2 place finishes in four starts. Three of those are in minor stakes races, and she has never raced outside of New Mexico. She is one that will also race near the front, and while Kell Paso may encounter some faster fillies up front, she has been game in the late stages of her races.

Friday, April 14: Oaklawn Park

Race 8, Fantasy Stakes (G3), three-year-old fillies, one and one sixteenth miles on the dirt, post time 4:42pm CST

can you buy celebrex in mexico

Sunland Derby Winner Will Qualify for Kentucky Derby

The road to the where can i buy celebrex continues on Sunday, March 26 with the $800,000 can you buy celebrex over the counter in australia at Sunland Park, a 1 1/8-mile race in New Mexico that offers 50 Kentucky Derby qualifying points to the winner. This race is worth watching, as some of the horses may run in the Preakness Stakes at Pimlico on May 20.

The race has an abundance of speed from the 12 horses entered, and Sunland Park has a tendency to favor front-runners and speed horses. Trainer Bob Baffert, winner of three of the last four editions of this race, saddles one of the favorites in #3 Bronze Age, who has showed tremendous early speed in his first two races before tiring. He stretched out well when going a mile in modest fractions, and now has to carry his speed an additional eighth of a mile against more front-running pressing challengers. .

Shopping for value and can you buy celebrex over the counter #10 Balandeen (10-1) should be worth a wager. Balandeen showed significant potential as a 2-year-old, winning a couple of races at Del Mar and Churchill Downs before finishing second behind Kentucky Derby favorite McCraken in the one-mile Street Sense Stakes. He appeared a bit off in form, but Balandeen, like many others, didn’t take to the Delta Downs surface in the Nov. 19 Delta Downs Jackpot (G3).

Balandeen was freshened, and the second race was the March 4 Gazebo Stakes at Oaklawn Park, which marked Balandeen’s first race in 3 ½ months. While he could only finish third, the race was clearly a prep for bigger races down the road, and Balandeen even received special permission to continue running past the finish line, essentially turning the race into a “paid workout.”

Now, Balandeen is making his second start off the layoff, and his pedigree suggests that he’ll have no trouble with the distance of the Sunland Derby — his sire (father) is Grade 1 Preakness Stakes winner Bernardini and his dam (mother) is Grade 2 Fantasy Stakes winner Mamma Kimbo. Balandeen is likely sitting on a big effort, and at 10-1 on the morning line, I think he’s worth playing on top and underneath in exotic wagers as well. .

Here’s a thought on how tocan you buy celebrex over the counter in canada the Sunland Derby for a decent score:

Wagering Strategy on a $32 Budget

$8 to win-place on #10 Balandeen ($16)

$2 exacta: 3,10 with 2,3,10 ($8)

$2 exacta: 3,10 with 4 ($4)

$1 exacta: 3,10 with 11 ($2)

$1 exacta 10 with 3, 12 ($2)

For a larger bankroll, wager a bit more on #10 Balandeen across the board and tie in with these horses in exacta on top and bottom with #10 Balandeen, and in trifeca’s and superfecta (1,2,3,4,5,12)


2017 Rebel Stakes

can you buy celebrex in canada

The 2017 Rebel Stakes is boiling down to three of the top contenders in the field, and one of them is about to propel themselves in to Triple Crown contention. Who will it be?

American Anthem will step in as Bob Baffert’s next best horse after the seriously unfortunate leg fracture that Mastery suffered. While a bonafide threat, American Anthem is a step behind in terms of talent. He fell way back of Gormley in the Sham Stakes and I just don’t know if he has the closing effort to really put this one away with so many gunning for top honours.

My preference is Royal Mo, who was last out dusting the field at the Robert B. Lewis Stakes. I just like horses that have a proven desire to win races. There are too many in this field who were last out finishing as a runner-up. Royal Mo carries 9/2 odds.

Malagacy is the dark horse in the 2017 Rebel Stakes. He broke his maiden and won an allowance at Gulfstream, but hasn’t competed in a stakes race yet. To be frank, at this point in the derby trail, new shooting hopefuls like Malagacy don’t usually fare that well. His 3/1 odds are certainly worthy of a gander, but I’d leave this bet alone until he’s proven himself.

I don’t like anyone else in the field as a contender to steal the 2017 Rebel Stakes either. I had previously liked Petrov, but three straight showings as a 2nd place finisher have worn out his welcome at my doorstep. Same goes for Uncontested and Untrapped. I’m not touching any of the longshots. At best, they’re a bunch of lottery tickets.

For my money, I’d prefer to invest in what I know and I know that Royal Mo is a proven commodity.

2017 Rebel Stakes – Saturday, March 18th at Oaklawn Park
1 1/16th Miles – Three Year Olds – $900,000

PP Horse Jockey Wgt Trainer M/L
1 Silver Bullion (KY) Ramon A. Vazquez 115 D. Wayne Lukas 30/1
2 Uncontested (KY) Channing Hill 122 Wayne M. Catalano 10/1
3 Sonneteer (KY) Richard E. Eramia 115 J. Keith Desormeaux 30/1
4 Petrov (KY) Jose L. Ortiz 115 Ron Moquett 9/2
5 Untrapped (KY) Irad Ortiz, Jr. 115 Steven M. Asmussen 8/1
6 Malagacy (KY) Javier Castellano 115 Todd A. Pletcher 4/1
7 American Anthem (KY) Mike E. Smith 115 Bob Baffert 2/1
8 Silver Dust (KY) Corey J. Lanerie 115 Randy L. Morse 15/1
9 Appalachian Gem (KY) Gary L. Stevens 115 Jack C. Van Berg 30/1
10 Royal Mo (KY) Victor Espinoza 122 John A. Shirreffs 9/2
11 Lookin At Lee (KY) Ricardo Santana, Jr. 117 Steven M. Asmussen 15/1
2017 Tampa Bay Derby Preview

buy celebrex from canada

Originally, McCraken was supposed to headline the 2017 Tampa Bay Derby but he is dealing with what people are calling a “minor injury”. As such, the odds for this Kentucky Derby prep race have been blown wide open. There are six viable contenders who will attempt to assert themselves amongst their three-year-old colleagues.

The official favorite on the morning line is Tapwrit, a son of Tapit who lost to McCraken in the 2017 Sam F. Davis Stakes. He is a very interesting prospect who is working with Todd Pletcher. Known as a late charging runner, Tapwrit could definitely tip the scales in his favor at the 2017 Tampa Bay Derby on a fast track.

There are several horses who will return to Tampa Bay Downs after the Sam F. Davis. Most noted in the field is Wild Shot who looked strong on the inside before falling to fourth in the aforementioned race. He is a front running specialist who needs to prove that he can close a race before you invest fully in him. Wild Shot is 5/1 to win the 2017 Tampa Bay Derby.

State of Honor will also try to defeat Tapwrit after finishing 3rd in the Sam F. Davis. He boasts 4/1 odds as the second choice. Also in the running is No Dozing, a 6/1 outside shot who fell to 6th at the Sam F. Davis. To shed light on what 6/1 odds look like in this race, consider that Sonic Mule has similar odds but fell to 3rd at the Swale Stakes recently.

Beasley is the great unknown in the 2017 Tampa Bay Derby. This will be his stakes debut but everything coming out of his camp is overtly positive. If you’re looking for a dark horse play in a wide open race, then this is your colt.

Rounding out the field are Tale of Silence, The Money Monster, Basha and Zion Valley.

2017 Tampa Bay Derby – Saturday, March 11th at Tampa Bay Down
1 1/16th Miles – Three Year Olds – $350,000

PP Horse Jockey Wgt Trainer M/L
1 Tale of Silence (KY) Paco Lopez 116 Barclay Tagg 15/1
2 The Money Monster (KY) Joel Rosario 116 William I. Mott 15/1
3 Basha (KY) Emisael Jaramillo 116 Gilberto Zerpa 12/1
4 No Dozing (KY) Daniel Centeno 116 Arnaud Delacour 6/1
5 Tapwrit (KY) Jose L. Ortiz 116 Todd A. Pletcher 3/1
6 Beasley (KY) Irad Ortiz, Jr. 116 Mark A. Hennig 9/2
7 Sonic Mule (KY) John R. Velazquez 118 Todd A. Pletcher 6/1
8 State of Honor (ON) Julien R. Leparoux 116 Mark E. Casse 4/1
9 Wild Shot (KY) Robby Albarado 116 George R. Arnold, II 5/1
10 Zion Valley (NY) Huber Villa-Gomez 116 Kevin Rice 50/1

how to buy celebrex online

Talented Guest Suite Training Strong for Big Run in Risen Star

The buy celebrex online goes through New Orleans Saturday for the $400,000 Risen Star Stakes (G2) at the Fair Grounds. Some horses in this field are also one’s to watch for the Preakness Stakes.

The top-5 finishers from the LeComte Stakes are running in the 1 1/16 mile Risen Star, including the winner Guest Suite (6/1). This is a steadily improving colt by Quality Road that has won three times including his last two races. His only loss in the last four starts was to the Kentucky Derby favorite, McCraken. Trainer Neil Howard knows he has a good one, and Guest Suite could be the talk of the Derby trail following this weekend’s races.

Derby points: 50-20-10-5

Guest Suite has been working like a beast in the mornings over the Fair Grounds main track and is appears ready to fire a huge race down the lane at a nice price. The pace of this race fits right into Guest Suite’s running style as this field has many need to lead types in the starting gate. Guest Suite can rate with tactical speed and he’s shown in recent workouts that he has plenty of speed and is chomping at the bit to show his class again. Rider Robby Albarado should have this fine 3-year-old galloping easily without as much energy behind the leaders before unleashing his big run on the turn and down the stretch.

Forbuy celebrex 200 mg online purposes this Derby prep is the fourth leg of an all-stakes pick four; which also includes the buy generic celebrex onlinein race 8, the Rachel Alexandra (G2) as race 9, and the Fair Grounds (G3) on the turf as race 10. Take your chances with Guest Suite as a single entry in the Pick 4, and bet this horse to win and place with an exacta key box of #6 Guest Suite with 1, 2, 3, 8.



PP Horse Jockey Trainer Odds
1 Girvin Hernandez Jr. Sharp 6-1
2 Untrapped Santana Jr. Asmussen 10-1
3 Local Hero Geroux Asmussen 4-1
4 Arklow Bridgmohan Cox 15-1
5 Shareholder Value Murrill Amoss 15-1
6 Guest Suite Albarado Howard 6-1
7 U S Officer Valdivia Jr. Pish 20-1
8 Cool Arrow Saez Sharp 15-1
9 Mo Town Velazquez Dutrow 7-2
10 Takeoff Leparoux Casse 10-1
11 Sorry Erik Desormeaux Desormeaux 30-1
12 Horse Fly Mena Lukas 30-1
13 It’s Your Nickel Graham McPeek 30-1
14 So Conflated (SCRATCHED)


buy celebrex 200 mg

Long Shots to Challenge Uncontested in Southwest Stakes

The where to buy celebrex cheap continues with a Kentucky Derby prep race on President’s Day. The 52nd running of the Southwest Stakes at Oaklawn Park features Smarty Jones Stakes winner Uncontested. The 5/2 favorite will go off at a shorter price at post, and he’ll be tough to track down with a 96 Beyer speed figure in his last face registering eight points more than the next best speed figure in the Southwest field of 13 runners.

But the $500,000 Southwest Stakes has some challengers and horses that could pay a nice price when where to buy celebrex online in the exotics. Let’s examine some long shots who could chase down Uncontested and earn some Derby points with a top-4 finish (10-4-2-1).

Lookin at Lee (8-1) is a talented son of Lookin at Lucky, who won the 2010 Preakness Stakes. He finished 4th to Derby contender Classic Empire in the Breeders’ Cup Futurity in November, and his deep closing kick is one to watch as the pace is expected to be very fast in the Southwest with Uncontested out front pressed by Petrov (5-1), One Liner (7/2) and Cool Arrow (12-1). Should the race set up as expected, Lookin at Lee should be running hard at the finish as he shows his continued improvement with both distance and racing into 2017.

Warriors Club (12-1) did not like the sloppy track in the Smarty Jones at Oaklawn while finishing 4th behind Uncontested Jan 16. That’s a concern as near a 50% chance of rain is in the forecast for Monday racing at Oaklawn. However, note Warriors Club did finish 3rd just in front of a fading Uncontested in the Kentucky Jockey Club at Churchill in November, so he’s one to consider in exotic where to buy celebrex.

Silver Dust (10-1) makes his stakes debut off his maiden win at Churchill Downs in November. He hasn’t race since, but trainer Randy Morse is solid with this type off a layoff. The well-bred son of Tapit will likely continue to improve rapidly, and these are the type of races where an unknown can come alive. The breeding says he can compete here, but he’ll have to rate well under jockey Corey Lanerie and have a lot left for the final furlong.

Hence (20-1) is most intriguing at this price, as the Street Boss colt should also ascend under trainer Steve Asmussen following his maiden win last month and a pair of solid works leading into the Southwest.

The Grade III Southwest Stakes is race 9 at 6:09 ET on Monday, Feb. 20 at Oaklawn Park, and follows the race 7buy celebrex uk.

can you buy celebrex online

Zinger Could Zoom at a Price in Keith Gee Memorial

The 2ND running of the Keith Gee Memorial Overnight Stakes is set for Saturday, Feb. 4 at the where to purchase celebrex. A field of 9 is lined up for the nearly 1 mile race on the turf with a $50,000 purse. This is a race that many will overlook this weekend as there is an abundant of celebrex for cheap carded from coast to coast.

We are very bullish on I’m A Chatterboxes little brother Zinger.  He’s a homebred from the Gray’s and has given very good account of himself at the current Fair Grounds meet. He’s regally bred for the turf and we like that Cowboy Larry Jones has elected to keep him over the weeds for now instead putting the son of The Factor over the main and trying to get him on the Kentucky Derby trail.

Zinger (10/1) is two heads away from being on a 3 race win streak. The only race in his 4 career starts that he hasn’t been on the wire was his debut race at Keeneland and he lost all chance in that race as he was steadied after being stuck down inside as the speed started to back up on him down the lane. He’s facing by far the toughest competition to date but the 10/1 morning line is very enticing on a newcomer that we feel has stakes quality to him. It always pays very handsomely to be one of the first on the bandwagon before everyone jumps aboard once he reels off two or three stakes victory in a row. This field is laden with speed runners and that is a big advantage to Zingers running style. We see Gabe Saez taking a very good hold of Zinger in the early stages of the race and when they turn for home we really feel he’ll be charging down the lane to the winners circle.

We feel that the only other runners that will hamper Zinger to the finish line are Cool Arrow (3/1) and Cowboy Culture (4/1). Cool Arrow is the morning line favorite from the Joe Sharp barn and he’s making his 1st start over the turf and will be hampered with all the other speed lined up against him in this nearly 1 mile race. He’ll be on the lead if he handles the turf, and Cool Arrow has six races under his belt with 3 wins at Laurel Park an Remington Park.  Cowboy Culture is 2-for-2 and the Quality Road colt is from the barn of meet leading trainer Brad Cox. He chased down the leaders at about a mile on the turf last out as the 3/5 favorite and leading jockey Florent Geroux will get plenty ofcheaper substitute for celebrex action at the windows prior to the gates opening for race 5.

Other contenders running in the Keith Gee Memorial include Girvin (9/2), who won his only race to break his maiden at 6 furlongs at the Fair Grounds, Hot Dad (5/1) and Holly Field (6/1), who could also benefit from a fast pace as a closer. But a value opportunity to zoom home with Zinger in the lone stakes race at the Fair Grounds Saturday.

The Keith Gee Memorial is race 5 on Saturday, Feb. 4 at The Fair Grounds Race Course with an estimated post time of 3:13 p.m. local CST.

Kenny Schmitt contributed to this article. Follow him on Twitter @cheapest price for celebrex. 

Hurricane Bertie Handicapping Preview

Favorites Curlin’s Approval and Genre Head Hurricane Bertie Stakes at Gulfstream

The Hurricane Bertie (G3) has a field of 8 lined up for this Saturday as its part of The Pegasus undercard. This race goes a distance of 7 furlongs and has a $100,000 purse. It’s part of the sequence of the pick 4 and pick 5, and the morning line favorite Curlin’s Approval is the deserving favorite and the single of the day.

Curlin’s Approval

This filly has a real affinity for the Gulfstream Park main track as you can see in her career running line. Curlin’s Approval has started 5 times over this surface and she has 3 wins and 1 place from those starts. In her last outing in the Grade III Rampart as the odds on favorite, she engaged in a suicide duel with Genre for 6 furlongs. As they turned for home in the 1-mile race, Curlin’s Approval battled neck and neck down the stretch with Eskenformoney and came up just short at the wire. She was coming into that race off a two month layoff and was facing a very sharp filly from the Todd Pletcher barn. Curlins’ Approval has been working very well since that race. In two recent morning sessions, she was given the bullet work of the day for those works out of 11.

Trainer Todd Pletcher will try Genre again and she breaks from the rail and is the second betting choice on the morning line. However this Bernardini filly is carrying top weight and is also cutting back to a sprint as her past 12 races have all been at a route of ground. She’s a very consistent filly as her running line shows 13 starts with 5 wins, 4 places, and 2 shows. But note this is her first start at 7 furlongs. While Genre faded a bit to finish 3rd last time out, she may well be the favorite come post time as her connections are always backed at the window and also off her past competition.

The remaining contenders are You Bought Her (9/2) and Bodacious Babe (6/1). Value may be found with Sugar Cone (30/1) from the George Arnold barn, as she will out run her morning line in a big way and provide a nice exotic score is she hits the board.

The Hurricance Bertie is race 3 at Gulfstream Park on Saturday with a post time of 12:30 ET.

Kenny Schmitt contributed to this article. Follow him on Twitter @cheapest price for celebrex.