The Florida Thoroughbred Breeders and Owners Association (FTBOA) named three new members to its board of directors: Valerie Dailey, Brent Fernung, and Phil Matthews. They also announced the return of two other board members: George Isaacs and Milan Kosanovich. The moves were made at their annual meeting, which was held on October 20. Each member will serve three-year terms that will run through 2019. screen-shot-2016-10-21-at-11-38-25-am

Due to by-law term limits, the following board members left: Charlotte Weber, Roy Lerman, and Jessica Steinbrenner. Following the annual board meeting, Fernung was named the association’s new President. He was grateful to return and had the following to say about his new role and his fellow board members:

“I am very happy to return to the board and very honored to be elected president. We are also proud to welcome to the board Ms. Dailey and welcome back Dr. Matthews. I’d also like to congratulate Mr. Isaacs and Mr. Kosanovich on their re-elections.

“While the FTBOA has had many significant accomplishments in recent years, such as increasing breeder and stallion awards to all-time high levels, and has seen record handle on the Florida Sire Stakes, we will be looking for the leadership skills, forethought and other assets from all board members in order to meet the challenges that face our Florida Thoroughbred industry, in particular decoupling.”

The 2016 FTBOA Executive Committee will comprise of the following:

  • President – Brent Fernung
  • First Vice-President – Phil Matthews
  • Second Vice-President – George Russell
  • Treasurer – Joseph M. O’Farrell III
  • Secretary – Greg Wheeler
  • Immediate Past President – Fred Brei

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