The Kentucky Equine Education Project (KEEP) is hosting an industry event that will feature in-state horse industry influencers and policy makers with an emphasis on figuring out ways to promote the industry. The event will take place on October 17th and 18th and will be held in the Embassy Suites on Newton Pike in Lexington. keep

“KEEP is proud to bring leaders from across the state together to discuss the challenges we face as an industry and how best to build on recent success,” said KEEP Executive Director Joe Clabes.

Partner organization meetings and a welcome reception make up the first day of the conference. On Day 2, panel discussions regarding the current equine economy conditions and ways to improve it will be the focus of the day. Legislative and regulatory discussions, economic data review presentations, and policy expert discussions are a few of the highlights of Day 2.

“The 1996 and 2005 Economic Impact Studies gave incredible insight to an industry that operates in every corner of the country, and contributes greatly to the American culture and economy. We are looking forward to seeing how the 2017 study will be able to further illustrate the importance of our diverse industry,” said American Horse Council President Julie Broadway. “With a new Congress coming into Washington in November, it’s more important than ever that the AHC continue to play a critical role in the long-term success of the industry, and ensure a favorable legislative environment for the industry to come.”

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