Champion Nyquist, who will be standing at Darley in 2017 for his first season, is recovering from successful colic surgery performed at Hagyard Equine Medical Institute on December 22.

Darley Chief Operating Officer Dan Pride said Nyquist was showing signs of discomfort, which led to the operation. Unless there are any further complications or setbacks, Nyquist will be able to start his breeding season as scheduled in February. He is set to stand for $40,000.

“He was just uncomfortable in the stall and our night watch contacted our stallion manager, Graham Lovatt and (director of farm operations) Michael Banahan, and they made the decision to take him to Hagyard,” said Pride. “The team there did a great job. They quickly diagnosed him and got it taken care of.”

Pride gave credit to both the Darley staff and Hagyard team for an early diagnosis and said the surgery was “about as straightforward as you could have, given the situation.”

“There was a little twist that they had to undo, but it was very straightforward,” said Pride. “Assuming he has a normal recovery, and there is no reason he shouldn’t, he’ll be available to start the breeding season in February on schedule.”

“We’re very optimistic,” said Darley president Jimmy Bell. “In most of these cases, when you catch them early enough, your chances improve greatly over something else getting to be more problematic. We have a very alert crew and had a very good response from the Hagyard team.”

Nyquist won eight out of 11 career starts and earned over $5.1 million.

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